Visceroptosis – is there any remedy?

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I have been suffering from Gastroptosis/visceroptosis for long time, for which there is no standard procedures or treatments available as of now. I am presenting my case in this public forum, for further discussion and research, with a hope that i may get some answer for my problem through this.

Detailed Description:

I am 27 years old male, currently residing in India. A year ago, when i underwent an Ayurvedic massage, i suddenly started experiencing a strong pulling of esophagus in the throat region, which was so disturbing.  When i contacted the doctors, they rejected it outright as psychiatric problem.  But, as i continued my day to day activities, the stomach started slowly sliding down, which i could experience very clearly.  There was also heart pain at that time , and the pulling was felt all over the thoracic region that extended up to throat and neck. Then few months later, the stomach dilation was more acute, and i could very well sense it dropped down below the umbilicus, after which i started feeling the pressure on the lower abdomen.

I took a barium follow through long back, but the doctors could not find anything.  Later, one of the doctors i consulted, suggested that i should take the same test in standing position, andn suggested taking both MRI and barium test.  When i took the MRI, the report suggested borderline Gastroptosis, and i then also took up baruim test, with standing position.  The Barium X-Ray clearly revealed the low lying position of the stomach and now i came to know that the problem was Gastroptosis.

I am producing the digital copy of the barium x-ray, below, for further reference.


MRI Scan:

MRI Scan taken during oct-2008 – uploaded in megaupload site.

Old MRI Scan taken in 2007 – uploaded megaupload site.

Symptoms Experienced:

  • Pulling down of eaosophagus in throat.
  • Heavy pressing at the lower abdomen, and pelvic bottom.
  • Loss of Sleep.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Loss of memory,  loss of concentration and nervousness.
  • Weakening of all joints.
  • Weakening of general health.
  • Pulling down of heart, and heart pain.
  • Abnormal sensation and feelings.

The  most disturbing symptoms was the loss of concentration, and loss of mental energy.  This had profound effect on my career also.

Investigations Taken so far:

I have been consulting different doctors for the past two years, and i have taken lot of tests and scans.  The most important one are given below.

  • MRI scan – 1.5 years before. – before the present problem occured.
  • Barium Follow through test at feb-2008.
  • Master Health Checkup.
  • MRI scan during october – 2008 – where Gastroptosis was found.
  • Ba-Ft done during october-2008 – as a follow up to MRI scan. (With standing position)

Different Opinions of the doctors i consulted:

Through out the time, i consulted various doctors, and i got different opinions from various doctors.  I am listing some of those.

1. Prior to taking this test, almost all doctors opined that it was a psychiatrist problem.  But the latest Barium X-ray proved they are all wrong.

2. I showed the X-ray (given above) to some of the doctors, and they suggested, it was normal, and this does not cause any problem for me.  But i am not satisfied with that.

3. Few of the doctors suggested that it may be because of birth.  But, i could not agree, because, i have taken two MRI scans, one before i got this gastroptosis problem, and another one very recently.  So if i had this problem by birth, it would have been shown in the first one itself.

I referred through the net, and got some few articles related to gastroptosis and viseroptosis, which had given some explanations on the possible cause of this problem.

Materials collected from Internet:

I searched in the internet, to know more about Gastroptosis, but unfortunately, as my doctor told, there are not much details available regarding visceroptosis / gastroptosis.  But over a period of continuous search, i got some of the links and am reproducing below.  It has to be noted that most of those materials are very old, and dates back to 1900’s and 1920’s.  I could not find any material of later date and recent one.

The following materials are available in internet, related to gastroptosis and Visceroptosis.

The following are some other secondary web page links that may be of some help.

Present Situation:

Due to the rarity of this problem the doctors whom i consulted conveyed me that there are no standard procedure/treatment for this disease.  I am currently consulting an oncologists, who took up my problem and currently brainstorming with his colleagues in US and UK.

At present, the condition is relatively manageable, but my health condition is weakened, and my joints are also weakened. I am avoiding traveling as much, and often resort to some upright yogic positions like sarvangasan, to get temporary relief.   I am hoping, that with current advancements  in medical field, a remedy for my problem is still possible.

Some queries that i have:

I have put considerable amount of learning and analysis myself, and in that process, i am looking at answers for the following two important questions.

1. In a normal person, what are the muscles/ligaments, that exactly hold the stomach in position.

2. In my case, the downward displacement of stomach also produces the symptom of pulling of esophagus.  Are both related to one another?

3. How far, is it possible to restore the position of the stomach, and other possibly displaced organs, through surgical methods.

Requesting for Help:

I here by place my humble requests for those medical experts, particularly related to GI field, to share their valuable inputs and suggestions regarding this problem.  If more details are needed on my case history, please let me know either by leaving a comment or by sending a mail to

Thanks in advance, and a very happy new year wishes to you all for 2009.

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